Compassionate Care

Respecting life to the fullest

Our goal is to provide comfort, dignity and quality of life for our patients. Every effort is made by the hospice team to provide maximum physical comfort for the patient. Once the patient is comfortable, the hospice team then focuses on preparing the patient and loved ones emotionally and spiritually for death.

First Call Hospice was created by seasoned hospice professionals who are committed to providing care that exceeds expectations. We seek to support the integrity and dignity of all people, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our people

First Call Care Team

We have a team of professionals who are passionately committed to improve the quality of a patient's last month by offering comfort, dignity, and care.

  • Nursing
  • MSW
  • Spiritual Care
  • Medical Director
  • Bereavement Coordinator
  • Volunteers
  • Community Liaison
  • Music Practitioner

A treatment plan that works for you

Each person who works for First Call Hospice provides important and necessary skills that help promote your well-being. Our team of quality nurses, aides, therapists, and others, all serve a vital role on our team. As we work together with your physician, our strategy is to develop a plan of care that will maximize your independence and quality of life. Each plan is unique and each patient’s success is measured and celebrated.

plan of action

Teamwork means success

We also know it takes a team to be successful. Each member of the team shares responsibility and contributes to the treatment plan, to delivering the highest quality services with compassion and respect.


Your Physician

Keeping an overview of your health your physician is a great resource.


Our Professionals - nurses, Aides, and Specialists

To continues the support, our professionals provide compassionate care.


the patient, their caregiver and family

Those closest to the patient can provide supplemental care.